Sauber Test Driver Successfully Sues Team To Secure Race Seat
Formula One
With all the billions Formula One generates through its television rights you would think there was enough money to keep the ship from sinking. F1 will never sink but most of the teams who run mid-field and at the back struggle to keep afloat, these teams require an estimated £50 million to race in the Formula One circus every year. Whereas Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Red Bull have sponsors lining up in rows waiting to splash the cash teams like Force India rely on being subsidized by drivers who bring personal sponsorship. Think Sergio Perez who effectively pays to drive in F1. We here at DCB Towers know how these teams feel. Other teams also rely on the same system one such team is Sauber and one such driver is their former test driver Giedo van der Garde. Garde, a former Caterham driver was promised a race seat for the 2015 season however Sauber in need of cash signed up drivers who brought with them much needed sponsorship and thus signed Swedish driver Marcus Ericsson and Brazilian Felipe Nasr. So van der Garde files a law suit against his former team claiming breach of contractual obligations. Last week a Swiss arbitration court agreed with van der Garde and today the Victoria Supreme Court in Australia has upheld the original decision and ruled in favor of the Dutchman. Sauber immediately appealed the decision adding it would be too dangerous for van der Garde to drive because the car is designed specifically for Ericsson and Nasr. Its a weak argument. The F1 season gets underway this weekend, Free Practice for the Australian Grand begins on Friday whether van der Garde’s season does will be interesting to see.  Giedo-van-der-garde
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