Inside Mercedes AMG F1, it's about the details
Inside Mercedes AMG F1, It’s About The Details
Formula One

Brackley, Northampton, England is a normal-looking town set in the Northamptonshire countryside, intersected by the A43. Indeed you will never notice Brackely, other than the signposts indicating it exists. Hidden behind a line of trees on the A43 is Brackley’s most excellent and not very well-kept secret, the Mercedes AMG F1 HQ.

Brackley is the beating heart of team Mercedes AMG F1, it’s been beating a bit faster these days due to a downturn in form. But it isn’t for lack of trying, team Mercedes AMG F1 works just as hard when the victories dry up because returning to winning form requires even more effort.

In this video, we join Anthony Davidson in the Machine Shop where we get to see the inner workings of team Mercedes AMG F1. Even machining an F1 component is at the cutting edge of current technology. It’s fascinating stuff.

Inside Mercedes AMG F1, it's about the details
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