This Porsche Driver Really Should Get Life Lessons
This is the moment a Porsche driver decided to see just how good his Cayman really is only he should have chosen a warmer climate and not a cold damp winters day where the snow has yet to fully melt. OK so we have all done it, at a set of traffic lights, the road ahead is clear, you have the fastest car around, red lights turn green and you floor the throttle. That’s exactly what the Porsche Cayman owner did only he caught too much wheel spin which pitched him side ways into the central reservation and back to the correct side of the road. Only the Cayman’s left rear has been all but sheared off which is unknown to the driver and he carries on short distance while the Cayman fish-tails wildly before spinning across to the other side of the road coming to a sudden stop minus the left rear which has now broken free entirely. Kudos Porsche owner, Kudos.  Plonker-Porsche-Driver-Just-Insists-On-Proving-Himself
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