What Really Happens After A Top Gear Special
Top Gear Specials are both notorious and sometimes informative and often entertaining to a certain audience demographic. They have also been laden with vague references to racism and littered with xenophobia. From time to time. But what really happens to the cars that appear on these hour long shows after the production crew go home? Remember the Top Gear Australian Special? Clarkson, May and Hammond were allowed to choose the cars they would take with them on a 1,000 mile journey into the outback. Top-Gear-Assie-Special-B As part of the challenge they would end up rustling cows in very expensive luxury performance cars. Yes we are refereeing to a Nissan as luxury the grim exception being the e-NV200. Which is just grim and possiblly all other Nissans. Clarkson had the BMW 6 Series Grand Coupe M Sport, May was in the Nissan GTR and Hammond drove a Bentley V8s. Now the ‘Outback’ is what the Australians refer to as wilderness. Its hot, very hot and very dusty. Top-Gear-Assie-Special-D It seems the long journey took its toll on the cars, the website was sent photos of the aftermath of the wounds the Top Gear special inflicted on the Bentley V8s. The special was meant to highlight how reliable modern day performance cars have become. Indeed the cars featured on the show suffered no reliability issues whatsoever, however they did take a battering from the elements and caused cosmetic damage as is shown in the photos. It all looks pretty grim, no car should have to suffer such a fate but when you are Top Gear and get loaned vehicles these auto companies don’t mind so much after all Top Gear is watched by hundreds of millions worldwide and so the exposure is worth it. Return on investment they call it. Top-Gear-Assie-Special-C Or is it, the Bentley V8s driven by Richard Hammond in the episode suffered a drop in value by 50 percent and it had to get a full bodied re-spray not to mention the interior being ‘invaded’ by Outback dust.  Top-Gear-Assie-Special-A
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