X5 PHEV Is A BMW But Not As We Know It
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BMW has realised Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV is rather good, so good in fact that they are jumping onto the PHEV bandwagon so Polar Bears don’t have swim for it when the arctic ice melts. BMW already use Plug-in-Hybrid technology for its i-Series of cars and will shoehorn its PHEV know how into its more familiar range of cars. The X5 will be one of the first recipients of BMW’s omnipotent greatness. BMW-X5-Polar-Bear-Profile The X5 xDrive 40e isn’t the most memorable of names indeed like all PHEV’s its an efficient sounding name that hides an evolutionary step in vehicular propulsion. So what do you get if you decide to buy one? A 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine which is combined with an electric engine. This symbiotic relationship drives all four wheels through an 8-speed ‘slush-o-matic’. The total power output is 309bhp which means 0-62mph in a perky 6.8 seconds, the X5 PHEV has a claimed combined range of 85.6mpg and a C02 rating of 77g/km. BMW-Polar-Bear-PHEV-Rear The top speed in the X5 PHEV is 75mph and the range under pure electric power is around 19 miles. Like all PHEV’s the batteries can be recharged via the petrol engine and on the move. However the X5 has paid the ultimate sacrifice for saving the plight of washed up Penguins, buyers will not be able to option the third row of seats due the batteries taking up the semi-redundant space. This is the price that unnecessary practicality has to make for the sake of progress. The X5 Planet Saver, as it should be called, will go on sale in the UK around September time. No price details have been released because BMW want to stretch out the publicity for as long as possible.  BMW-X5-Polar-Bear-Front
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