Audi Prologue Pickup Concept Sounds Good To Us
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The Audi Prologue Concept, which has been doing the rounds of late, is how the next generation A8 will look say Audi insiders. OK so form follows function, say the designers and true to form Audi revealed the estate version of this concept a few days ago. Or “Station Wagon” to keep our American and Canadian audience happy. We reckon this Pickup concept of the Prologue Concept by Theophilus Chin is what Audi is lacking in the US market, the Americans love their Pickup trucks but sadly have to contend with Ford or Chevrolet’s. Americans also have to contend with the police shooting people at random for fun, so why shouldn’t they have to contend with an Audi Pickup. Audi-Prologue-Pickup-Rear The Prologue Pick Concept gets our thumbs up even though we don’t actually know what to do with all that residual Pickup truck space. The Columbian mafia may well know what to do with a Pickup but Audi don’t have a strategy for the Latin American market or more specifically cross border drug traffickers. So the Prologue Pickup, if it were ever to be made, would probably end up in small  “hick town” where people hunt other people with crows bows for sport and say things like “This idea is like throwing a monkey into a room full of dynamite with a blowtorch”.  Audi-Prologue-Pickup
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