Citroen Aircross Concept Set To Cause SUV Havoc… Hopefully
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Behold, Citroen’s new Aircross concept, its headed to the Shanghai Motorshow 2015 but Citroen have decided to give the world an official press release debut and its an epic press release which is full of… words… and… slogans. We think the Aircross Concept doffs its designer cap to the good old days of French design quirkiness, and where would a French car be without a bit of over-styled flair. But this is good over-styling. Citroen-Aircross-Concept-Rear To us the Aircross concept, which borrows styling cues from Citroen’s Cactus, is just so, a styling exercise that hints at direct rival to the Hyundai Santa Fe and Neesan X-Trail. Sometime in the not too distant future. That’s right Citroen are headed for SUV territory and if the Aircross can remain largely unchanged going into production then we will sign on the dotted contract hire line. Provided that we pass credit checks. Citroen-Aircross-Concept-Interior Underneath that layer of style is Citroen’s good old fashioned 1.6-litre petrol engine that pumps out a not so old fashioned 218bhp and 275NM of torque. In fact the Aircross is a good old fashioned, modern day plugin hybrid with an electric range of 31 miles (22 miles in real money). Emissions are predictably low, 39g/km, less than a regular human being smoking a packet of cigarettes. Citroen claim fuel economy of 166 mpg, in real money it should be around 40 mpg. The Aircross carries over the “airbumps” first seen on the Cactus, those external aluminium foam structures on the lower section of the doors are designed to protect the sides from minor collisions and scrapes. Citroen-Aircross-Concept-Profile As with any concept the interior is bedecked with lavish styling that will never see the light of day. You want “king sized seats” then don’t expect to see them in the final production model, its an Aircross concept exclusive only. You want 22 inch wheels, in theory yes, in reality it will never happen, not even on the options list. But that said, overall, the Aircross looks great its got classic French quirkiness that has been missing for some years from Citroen models. The exterior design of the Aircross looks like its ready to go into production largely unchanged. Lets hope Citroen don’t tone it down when it heads to the assembly line.  Citroen-Aircross-Concept-Front
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