Ford To Limit Shelby GT350R Mustang To 37 Units
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We reckon Ford borrowed a few design cues from the Aston Martin DB9 when it released the all new Mustang. Allegedly. That’s our opinion. Allegedly. And that’s why we call it the Ford ‘Marstang’. Undeterred by our musings, Ford has revealed that only 37 Shelby ‘Marstang’ GT350R units will be built. Consider the Shelby ‘Marstang’ to be what AMG tuning is to Mercedes but with a bit more ‘hollering’ and ‘whooping’. And not to forget a bit of ‘yeaah-haaaa’. The reason for the 37 limit is because that’s the exact number Caroll Shelby wanted for the original 1960’s era Mustangs. The Shelby ‘Marstang’ will also be offered in a second de-tuned derivative, the GT350. The GT350 may be missing the R to denote its less explosive conclusion but at least 100 people will have the chance to buy one. Of these examples Ford has decided to offer 50 with the Technology Pack with the remainder featuring the Track Pack. The Shelby ‘Marstang’ will celebrate 50 years of Shelby-ness. The Ford ‘Marstang’ Shelby GT350 will be powered by what Ford are saying is the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 production engine yet developed. The 5.8-litre V8 will produce just over 500bhp and 542Nm of torque and is mated to a six speed manual transmission. The rear wheel drive ‘Marstang’ will also feature limited slip differential meaning the Americans want this Shelby inspired ‘Marstang’ to corner and handle properly. No performance figures have be released and its going to be expensive.  Ford-Marstang-GT350R
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