Henrik Fisker’s Thunderbolt Hit By Legal Lightning Strike
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Former Aston Martin design god, Henrik Fisker, has been having a few public disagreements with his erstwhile colleagues over the past two weeks. Fisker unveiled plans to produce a limited series production of his latest creation, the ultra luxury Thunderbolt. However Aston Martin were not too pleased to learn that the $400k Thunderbolt was based on the DB9 chassis and swiftly took legal action against Fisker’s plans. Fisker took the wraps off the Thunderbolt at the Amelia Island Concours d’ Elegance classic-car show and auction in late March. The plan was to sell the Thunderbolt through the US based Galpin Aston Martin dealership who commissioned the car. Aston Martin complained that the Thunderbolt was an infringement of their intellectual property and decided to take legal action. Sadly Aston Martin seems to have won without the case going to court because Fisker has agreed to end the project and thus the law suit has been dropped. Next up Aston Martin are said to be planning a legal assault on Ford’s intellectual property theft of Aston’s styling cue’s as seen on the new Ford Marstang. And pigs will fly.  Galpin-Thunder-Bolt-Lightning-Strike
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