Insane Race Between Audi R8, Suzuki & Kawasaki Is Crazy
Video This is the moment when a motorist, whom we believe hails from some Latin American, country decides to take on a Suzuki GSXR & Kawasaki Ninja in his Audi R8. The R8 is the V10, 600bhp version and at one stage in this video the driver hits 170mph on the motorway and you know what we are seriously unimpressed by this video, 170mph on a motorway/highway is just crazy and asking for trouble. It appears the R8 is being driven by a man who is using a booster chair so that puts him at around 5ft 1 inches tall. Small people, particularly men, have an issue with their height, these people are dangerous and should you see them in public please do not approach them.  Audi-r8-vs-Suzuki-GSXR
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