Is Porsche Loosing Its Religion?
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The religion was built on the reputation of the almost evangelical 911, the company was resurrected by the Jesuit like Boxster and its savior was the Cayenne. But there is a new King of Kings rising to prominence one that could become unrivaled in terms of the religious devotion to sales. For us here at DCB Towers Porsche will always be about the 911, that’s where the company has made its reputation, the 911 is a sports car like no other and is available in a confusing amount of model derivatives. Indeed there are so many 911 derivatives that its much easier to understand how the Higgs Boson particle works. Not that I understand anything at all about the science behind Higgs Boson and as I understand it no one knows the true benefits of what this so called “god particle” will bequeath to humankind. Proper non-stick frying pans is always the result of truely advanced scientific theory. The Porsche 911 isn’t about the science its about German flair, yes that does exist. However German flair is much more difficult to detect than the Higgs Boson particle, but you can get close to experiencing German flair in the 911. However the 911 no longer serves as Porsche’s main breadwinner that title now belongs to the Cayenne or at least it will for the time being. The new Macan compact SUV upstart is set to become even more popular than the Cayenne, at least in America. And the old saying is if America sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold. That old saying may not be as true as it once was but the Cayenne may not hold onto the best selling Porsche model in the US as it once did. The Macan is already Porsche’s best selling model in Europe for the first two months of 2015 with over 3k vehicles sold. The Cayenne shifted 2.5k units. In the US the Cayenne sold 16k units in 2014 and the Macan is expected to surpass that figure. Porsche once used to be a limited production manufacture with only one but brilliant model to its name. Now it expects to produce 200,000 vehicles per year a great turn around in fortunes, imagine Aston Martin doing the same, its just unimaginable. Not for Porsche. But for us the one and only Porsche will always be the 911, its the halo product, a benchmark unsurpassed by all who try to surpass it for its brilliance. Yes Porsche have forsaken the 911 but at least they haven’t forgotten about their roots and what made the company. Currently there are 22 911 models…seriously?  Porsche-Loosing-Its-Religion
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