Mister Slowly Turns To Baking Post Top Gear
Top Gear was renowned for its epic car vs the car and even more epic Top Gear specials, beautifully filmed road trips with three buffoons at the helm, ordinary blokes making extraordinary TV consumed by the masses. With Top Gear unofficially over in our eyes, I mean you can’t replace Jezza, Hamster and mister slowly, James May has decided to share his unexpected unemployment status with the world, via YouTube. We’ve already told you how he has become a YouTube flute playing sensation, but now mister slowly is teaching us and therefore you how to bake a meat pie. His YouTube Channel has grown to 95k subscribers in under two weeks, and although these videos look as though they were filmed by the IS and make mister slowly look like a hostage they are proving to be popular, 2 million views and counting. Mister slowly has reassured people he will not monetise his YouTube content. Strangely these videos are quite watchable.  James-May-Unemployment-Channel
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