Mr John’s Dead Pan Audi RS7 Review Is Unintentionally Awkward


In the last of a trilogy of roastings featuring Mr. John we take a look at his Audi RS7 video review. The RS7 is one hell of a performance car, it’s part machine part nuclear explosion, contained fury in a mild-mannered form factor, I know I’ve driven it. 

Not if you’re Mr John who delivers yet another passionless video review, he seems more content to talk about the rear legroom and “hat” room. Bloody hell, hat room… seriously?

But what we like about Mr. John’s videos is the raw honesty in his personal delivery style and raw it is. Well, Mr. John certainly does not film in RAW video format. But his videos are full of hilarious unintentional awkwardness.

The awkward moment starts at 1 minute 09 seconds and lasts for a mere 4 seconds but feels like a lifetime from a viewer’s perspective.

Mr. John tries to convey the brutal sound of the RS7’s turbocharged V8 powerplant, but the recording of the sound quality isn’t so good and he just stares into the camera in an unintentionally awkward deadpan way whilst he revs miserably away.

This guy should be awarded a Rose d’Or, we just love his videos.

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