Muscle Head Builds Furious 2000HP Muscle Car
Just how much horsepower do you need or even want, we reckon 2,000hp should do you fine. But all that power doesn’t have to be contained within a finely tuned supercar built by a special works unit of a specialist manufacture. No its the work of an equally specialist California based Nelson Racing Engines who took a 1968 Dodge Charger, widened the body and fitted an all aluminium twin-turbo 9.4-litre Hemi engine with twin injectors per cylinder. The Dodge Charger took 2,000 hours to get that bespoke look, it featured in the Furious 7 movie and its even got its own name, Maximus Charger. Its one of those ‘You’ll hear it before you see it’ super-muscle cars.  Maximus-Charger-Furious-7
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