New Batmobile Unvieled Post Christian Bale Era
Christian Bale really nailed the Bruce Wayne/Batman alter ego. So to be honest we’re not looking forward to the new Batman vs Superman movie. The two fictional superhero’s have appeared together in animation and comic book form yet we prefer the gritty, dark, comic book portrayal. The movie may well tend to tone down things a little, but with Christian Bale ending his stint as Batman Ben Affleck takes over the donning the cape duties. Which is why we’re not looking forward to the movie. Affleck starred in the most god awful movie ever to hurt the eyes, soul, body and mind, Pearl Harbor. And we have never forgiven him for that flag waving, patriotic melodrama. But with every new Batman reinvention comes a new Batmobile, and here it is in B-Roll movie glory.  Batmobile-2016
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