Ammo NYC E34 restoration,
Ammo NYC Discovers How To Restore A Used Car Interior Without Replacing The Leather

Ammo NYC Youtube man travels to Raleigh, North Carolina to restore the interior of one of his customer’s used car. The E34 BMW 5 Series. The E34 has been loving restored… on the outside. However, the interior is shockingly bad, ripped leather and massive color fade.

Ammo NYC YouTube man seeks the specialist services of Fibre New. The company specializes in restoring pretty much any fabric from cars to marine and aviation verticals.

Fibre New guts the E34 interior and uses interior trim parts from a donor car. But the interior leather trim remains and gets the full Fibre New restoration treatment.

The results are pretty astonishing. The Fibre New effectively re-dyes the E34’s leather and it looks brand new. Or rather 1990s period OME.

Ammo NYC E34 restoration,
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