Jeremy Clarkson Spotted Filming New Amazon TV Show
You maybe forgiven for thinking that this grainy footage was shot about a decade ago when there were no smartphone’s, there were no 4k and flat screen TV’s were of the plasma variety. Things move rapidly in an ever changing world but grainey looking videos uploaded onto YouTube still hasn’t been eradicated. However what you are witnessing is the new motoring show being fronted by the old Top Gear team of Clarkson, Hammond and May. The trio were spotted out and about in the Surrey town of Cobham, Englandshire. Typically they were driving around a “look-at-me” car. The trio were filmed gonzo style in a modified 1970’s Mercedes SL complete with huge off-road tyres. Clarkson was at the helm piloting this beast and stopped to address the mobile phone wielding camera guy. “are you filming this car because it’s excellent” said Clarkson. Let’s wait and see if the new show is.  Jeremy-Clarkson-Filming-New-Amazon-TV-Motoring-Show
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