Motorcyclist vs Grubby Track Suit Wearing Pedestrian
Video You may be wondering why we are featuring motorcycle footage? We haven’t been able to justify the decision just yet, but anyway this motorcyclist was recording what we believe is an everyday journey through a typical urban/town in England-shire. There seems to be a pedestrian crossing point just ahead and as the motorcyclist nears two pedestrians one partially steps out onto the road. Just as the motorcyclist approaches Mr pedestrian sticks his hand up in some kind of thuggish gesture. We are not sure why Mr pedestrian did this, perhaps it is a right of way issue and he believed he had the way and the right. But he was wrong to hit out at the cyclist and could have caused injury. We believe this footage was recorded in the North West of England, based on our skillful detective work we deduced the area was somewhere near to Manchester-shire. You can tell by the grubby track suit Mr pedestrian is wearing. People from the North West of England are easily identifiable by the grubby track suits they routinely wear. On a daily basis.  Motorcyclist-vs-Traksuit-Thug
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