NIO EV, a Tesla killer?
Can NIO Shake Up The Entire Electric Car Industry?

The world’s most unlikely and unfathomably popular auto YouTuber Scotty Kilmer is transforming his rootin’ tootin’ hell no complaining image to that of a video uploader with near professional levels of industry commentatry. In his latest, polished video, Kilmer ponders if Chinese EV startup NIO can shake up the electric car industry.

In China, NIO’s new electric car is sold with no battery, you might well think that such a deal is off-putting to the consumer. Not at all, NIO offers consumers battery subscriptions, for $12 a month NIO customers can lease their batteries and swap them at special service stations whenever needed.

The subscription plan also includes access to free charging and battery swapping services. All in all, it sounds like a very good deal, Scotty Kilmer explains more in his latest video.

NIO EV, a Tesla killer?
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