Supercars of London Man Visits Aston Martin To Try Out The DB11

He isn’t Shmee150 or the self declared “Lord” Aleem, he is Supercars of London man. He runs a popular YouTube Channel of the same name, he is self made success with a rubber stamp and he is a Git. We also have visited Aston Martin’s HQ and were lucky enough to try out some cars. But that was once upon a time.

However over the last three to four years (a relativity short time span) the internet has now changed. Car companies are no longer looking at poxy websites like DCB they have choice now to reach out to a bigger audience.

Mr Supercars of London man has a bigger audience and this allows him to become an existential marketing ally for Aston Martin.

Kevin Watter’s is the current main man at Aston Martin who looks after Aston’s press cars so layabouts can test them.

We are no longer even considered layabouts, we have fallen far. As we always say we started at the top and worked our way to the bottom. Damn we should have done YouTube.

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