Formula 1 2015 Game Review According To xMattyG1
Video The only Formula One game that was ever worth buying was Geoff Crammonds F1 GP series for the PC, but these weren’t games they were more like simulators. And that’s why ever since the dawn of the console era nothing has ever matched technically what Crammond achieved. The latest F1 Game by Codemasters is by far in a way superior to anything Crammond could achieve graphically, F1 2015 looks much more intense and richer. But console based F1 games are just that, games, and they have to appeal to a wide target audience. Therefore what we are left with is something that is watered down and way inferior to what Crammond did back in the day of 2002. Console games have ‘engines’ algorithms that drive the graphics, physics and AI. AI is the biggest weakness of racing games on a console and  YouTuber xMattyG1 confirms this in his video review of F1 2015. He also says that F1 2015 is riddled with bugs and it seems as if the games was rushed, which is typical for such a game. The biggest deal breaker for xMattyG1 is that in his opinion Codemasters have ‘killed’ multi-player mode. Click the video to find out why.  Formula-One-2015-Review
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