MKBHD Loves Daily Car Blog And The Rivian RT1
Tech Nerd MKBHD Test Drives The Rivian R1T

We hate using the term “influencer” but that’s the kind of buzzword clueless marketing and PR people love to use to make themselves sound important, knowledgeable, and authoritative about the brand new world of YouTube and social media. It reminds me of being in a business meeting, that self-important individual who keeps on using “leveraging” to make a point about how to develop business. And you just sit there as time goes backward wondering when the hell will this meeting ever end.

What we do know is that business meetings with self-important people who rely on buzzwords to career progress… such meetings will end. Or you can just walk out. But as usual, I do digress from the subject, which is a habit we cannot break from on this ber-log.

Anyway, MKBHD, due to his massive YouTube following (14M and counting) has click-of-the-access to all things tech. And that means he has Rivian knocking on his door asking the simple question: “Please sir, can we have some more?”. More coverage from MKBHD’s YouTube channel that is.

And he gets to spend 24hours testing the first retail ready all-electric Pickup Truck, the Rivian R1T. If we had the money, we here at DCB would buy the Rivian R1T without hesitation. As it currently stands, in reality, we’re heading back to the tent on a windswept hill. 

MKBHD Loves Daily Car Blog And The Rivian RT1
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