Nurburgring Isn’t For The Faint of Heart
Video We haven’t been to the Nurburgring for sometime, that is to say we have never been, visited or ever remotely entertained the thought of going to this drivers Mecca/paradise to the good and the ordinary driver. Look at the Nurburgring as automotive democracy at work meaning that anyone with any vehicle can drive on the famous ring circuit providing they pay an entrance fee. That may sound like communism to you or I but its is actually capitalism at its best. And people flock there by the many, like Vauxhalll Astra guy or any number of supercars or hot hatches, any one is welcome at the “Ring” providing you can get to Germany. But this is a circuit where the slightest error is magnified into a big crash as the video shows.  Nurburgring-Crash-Compilation
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