Renault Clio Cup Gets A Whooping From A Nissan GTR
The world seems to be revolved around the Nurburgring these days, but as this Renault Clio Cup owner found out the world also seems to be upside down. The dashcam footage is from a Nissan GTR, now the power differences between the GTR and Renault Clio Cup are so enormous its like comparing a nuclear explosion with a party popper. Most people would think the GTR owner has a right of way, but in racing etiquette the car in front has the advantage when going into a corner so those driving from behind must give use caution. Most people will blame the Renault driver for not looking in his mirrors but it seems the GTR owner went for a gap that was closing quickly and he should have backed off. The result is a collision with the Renault Clio Cup flipping onto its roof and sliding down the ring before coming to a rest. To be fair we have included the account form the GTR owner: Video account of the accident i had a few days ago in my Nissan GTR, during a sunday TF at the Nordschleife. First lap of the day, still warming up the car, so luckily (or not?) so i wasn’t going anywhere near the usual pace. I let the 2 Porsches pass me and drove behind them for a while. Coming up to Metzgersfeld we caught up with some slower traffic, among them a while Clio rental. I usually give the rentals a wide berth as they are usually driven by people with limited Ring knowledge, who can sometimes get overwhelmed by the whole experience and become a little oblivious to what’s going on around them. Coming up to the Spiegelkurve, Clio has moved completely to the right, so we all try to get past, still being very cautious of the traffic – we are obviously not racing or driving anywhere near the usual speed at that section. However, the Clio cuts straight across the track to the left – he either didn’t look or didn’t see me, although a big black GTR is hard to miss…I brake hard and move to the left as much as i could go without going off the track myself, but i’m left with nowhere to go. He hits my right wheel, his back end spins, Clio’s front wheels dig into the grass off the track and he flips on the roof. He slides for about 50m before coming to a stop. Fortunately there were some people around to wave and warn the oncoming traffic, and the Streckesicherung arrived within seconds, literally. Occupants of the Clio were pretty banged up, got a few cuts from the broken glass, but fortunately that was that. Clio was a total loss. You drive your own conclusions as to who’s at fault here. Point of the video is to show how dangerous the Ring can be. I’m hardly a novice there, but it doesn’t always depend on me if an accident will happen. If you ever drive a rental there, please keep in mind that people will drive past you with 100+ km/h of speed difference in some places. You simply can’t afford to rely on luck when turning into a bend and hoping that nobody will come charging hard from behind.  With no representations being made by the Renault driver we know where the blame lies.  Renault-Gets-Whooped-By-A-Nissan-GTR
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