2018 Mercedes SLC Visualized By Topspeed
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Our friends over at have given us first rights to show off how they think the SLK replacement will look when its launched in 2018. The SLC (as the SLK will be re-named) follows an evolutionary look, according to the rendering. What is of interest here though is the issue of scalability, cutting production costs to boost profits, and this is the point. The SLC will share its plaform with the next generation SL. Currently the two are separate production entities. So why is Mercedes going for a scalable, modular platform? Its a pure numbers game. They expect worldwide demand for their cars to increase in the coming years. With this in mind its more cost effective to offer two similar cars to be hewed from one source. As we say here at DCB the old days of an over engineered Mercedes is a thing of the past. Will that help keep the price point down at the forecourts? I don’t think so, with clever marketing and savvy salesmanship Mercedes will be sure to use their premium luxury image to its fullest advantage. And of course Mercedes will offer an ‘AMG-ed’ version, expect the SLC AMG to borrow the 5.5-litre V8 from the AMG-GT.  Mercedes-SLC-Rendered
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