Sorry But We Just Can’t Get Excited About A 205bhp Toyota Yaris
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This is Toyota’s re-entry into the hot hatch arena, Hot hatches are power to the people, literally. Think of them of mini supercars but at an affordable every-man and every-woman price. Toyota have benchmarked the Fiesta ST and this supercharged Yaris up’s the power battle by 26bhp over it’s chief rival. Toyota have shoe-horned a 1.8-litre supercharged unit into the front engine bay and according to our insider sources over at Toyota GB we can say that it has around 205bhp. In layman’s terms Superchargers provide power mechanically by means of a belt, gear, shaft, or chain connected to the engine’s crankshaft. Turbochargers are a type of air compressor. power is boosted by means of engine exhaust gases that spin a turbine to generate increased power. Toyota-Yaris-GRM-2017 Both superchargers and turbochargers offer advantages and disadvantages for example superchargers have no lag, are more reliable but are not fuel efficient. Turbochargers are fuel efficient offer more boost and horsepower but have more turbo lag and are often more complicated to install. So one reason why the Yaris is supercharged is for the very reason that it is cheaper to apply on the production line than a turbo-charged engine meaning it will cost less than the Fiesta ST. The Yaris GRMN will be revealed at the 2017 Geneva Motorshow, as of this time no performance figures have been released in addition to the price. But it doesn’t matter we just can’t get interested in a 205bhp Yaris because it hasn’t been named with enough allure. Why not call it the Yaris Annihilator?  Toyota-Yaris-GRM-Front
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