Alpine Devil's Smile Concept Car
Alpine Reveals The Devil’s Smile Concept Car
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Alpine, the sporting brand of Renault  (the only good thing about Renault) is preparing for the forthcoming Paris Motorshow on October 13. There they will reveal the Alpenglow… no it isn’t a brand new brand of French cereal with fresh grass cuttings hand-picked from the Pyrenees for that added burst of nitrogen energy first thing in the morning. The Alpenglow is a hyper concept car, or hypercar concept, whichever you prefer. Alpenglow refers to, and I quote:

“a luminous phenomenon in which a horizontal streak of red-tinged light appears on the mountains before sunrise and after sunset.”

(Source: a senior Renault marketing executive who forgot to leave the cocaine at home)

While the Alpenglow is a real phenomenon, the Alpine Devil’s Smile isn’t. What Alpine’s Renault design team has created, at least from the front view, is the Alpine Devil’s Smile Concept Car. That’s what we are going to call, to hell with these mind-control press releases written by some ambitious marketing soothsayer who is clearly smoking a lot of weed during office hours. How they get away with it I do not know.

Anyway, Alpine says that the Devil’s Smile Concept Car is a view into the company’s future vision in terms of style and technologies. At Paris, they are most likely to reveal either an electrified car (plugin hybrid) or a fully electric hypercar.

Concept cars are mainly used for publicity purposes, very few if any ever see the light of day. Maybe just maybe a few design elements will be carried over into future production vehicles. But at least the 2022 Paris Motorshow will give that Renault PR executive a chance to sneak behind the Renault stand and drag on a joint.

Alpine Devil's Smile Concept Car
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