The Wiesman Project Thunderball EV Roadster
This Wiesmann EV Roadster Believes Its The Next James Bond Villain Car
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Wiesmann’s first all-electric luxury roadster roadster is now available to reserve, if you have a spare 300,000 Euros doing nothing other than gaining interest in your bank vault. On this very day, customers are now able to register an interest for ‘Project Thunderball’ on to secure a place on the customer reservations list. First customer deliveries are on track to begin in 2024.

The Thunderball project is unmistakably a Wiesmann, following in the footsteps of every automobile the company has ever produced going all the way back to the first MF30 in 1988. Its design is a subtle nod to the past, taking cues from classic cars like the Austin-Healey and AC Cobra as well as the Jaguar C-Type around the front and the Marcos in the back.

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The Thunderball is still in progress, so the photos you see here aren’t necessarily representative of the end product. It’s almost done, but an electrically-adjustable spoiler will replace the existing slight duck-tail kick-up at the back of the boot, and the current rear lights are only stand-ins; the final ones will be more intricate and jewel-like, so we’re informed.

Even without the final touches, the silver color and imposing proportions make this automobile appear like a work of art.

It’s roomier inside than past Wiesmann models, which have been tiny vehicles; this makes it ideal for navigating the factory’s twisting roads close outside Essen. When parked next to an earlier MF model, Project Thunderball’s two-meter width stands out, yet the overall impression is one of harmony rather than bloat.

Wiesmann Project Thunderball - Static

The Wiesmann Project Thunderball is powered by a pair of electric motors located on the rear axle. Power is officially rated at 617bhp, 811lb-ft (1099Nm) torque which allows for a 0-62mph of  2.9-seconds. The car will be constructed from carbon fiber, with a projected weight of little more than 1700kg (3747lb), this allows for a power-to-weight ratio of 2.5kg per HP.

Wiesmann Project Thunderball - Interior

The 83kWh battery is capable of charging up to speeds of 300kW and has a thoerectical range of 311 miles. Production of Project Thunderball will take place at Wiesmann’s ‘Gecko’ factory, a purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility in Dülmen, Germany.

Wiesmann Project Thunderball - Rear

Project Thunderball will be carefully crafted by many of the team and will utilize modern production technology while retaining Wiesmann’s reputation for bespoke German coachbuilding expertise.

Roheen Berry, CEO of Wiesmann

“The Wiessman Project Thunderball is the car that will bring Wiesmann into the new electrified era. Since revealing the car in April we have seen an overwhelming response from potential customers. The car is driving beautifully and our investment in the technology such as the regenerative braking and latest battery technology has paid off.  The Wiesmann brand not only has such a storied and wonderful past and legacy, but a bright and exciting future ahead of it.”   

The Wiesman Project Thunderball EV Roadster
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