This Is The Face Of The New Land Rover Discovery
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A new dawn is rising, deep in the hills of the industrialised Solihull  a new Land Rover Discovery is in the works. Made from metal , wood leather and plastic the 4th generation Discovery will be like no other before it.  The first gen Discovery was crap, honestly they were. However from the 2004 second generation on they have been what you imagine a Land Rover is all about. Land Rover updated the Discover 3 in 2010 but  after 12 year production run an all new generation, from the ground up, will be unveiled at the Paris Motorshow. The new Discovery will most likely follow the path of all modern day 21st century vehicle design. It will be lighter, more efficient (they usually lie about that) and the V6 diesel turbocharged engine could be joined by a smaller 4-cylinder 2.0-litre diesel. The styling for the 5th generation is most probably going to follow the design cues from the Discovery Sport. Personally we like the current Discovery’s sharp, box looking styling it still looks contemporary and could last for another 12 years. And if you are confused by the image, trust us we meant to use it…  Land-Rover-Discovery-Press-Depeartment
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