Bentley To Start Supercar Turf War With Aston Martin
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Remember the EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept? Maybe not the most memorable of Bentley names but as a concept it did steal the limelight when it was revealed back in March. Some say it even stole a few styling cues from Aston Martin. The EXP 10 Speed may well spearhead a new sports car chapter for Bentley by taking on Aston Martin at their own niche game albeit with a concept that is every bit inspired by the DB9 as it can possibly be. Allegedly speaking. Bentley’s CEO, Wolfgang Duerheimer, wants to add more models to the Continental’s current three model offering. Its all in a bid to increase sales. Adding more products gives more choice and a possible target of at least 15k annual sales by 2018. It was a very good year for Bentley in 2014, the company recorded 11k of sales, the best ever results in the company’s history. The two seat EXP 10… concept coupe is currently being assessed for its viability. If demand is strong then the EXP 10 Speed 6 will be built. “we do not intend to give up our premium position. We are leader of the pack in Europe, the U.S. and China,” said Duerheimer in a recent interview. Bentley are also preparing their new ultra-luxury SUV for a 2016 release. The Bentyaga wowed for its dreadful styling and Duerheimer has indicated that the design has undergone revisions since the initial concept was presented three years ago.  Bentley-EXP-Concept
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