Beware The Ides of The Next Generation Mitsubishi EVO SUV
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According to reports Mitsubishi could turn the Lancer based EVO into a Outlander/ ASX 2 door Crossover. That’s like Land Rover turning the Range Rover into a 2 door sports coupe. Mitsubishi have stopped selling the Lancer EVO in the UK, its getting too expensive to import from Japan and if the company were to restart importing the EVO today then it would set you back over £50k. So Mitsubishi had a light bulb moment and said why not offer the EVO as a crossover instead, more to the point its a whole lot more cost effective. Meanwhile the current ASX is going to phased out with a replacement due in 2016, the new model will based on the XR-PHEV II concept pictured. Lance Bradley, Managing Director for Mitsubishi UK, said back in March: “It’s not quite production ready, but it’s very close. We’ll see the production version next year, possibly spring time”. It’s not clear if Mitsubishi UK will ever offer a saloon based sports car again, the company’s current model line up consists of SUVs.  Mitsubishi-ASX-Crossover-EVO
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