Humble Mechanic On The VW Camshaft
This is the self-styled Humble Mechanic, and no he isn’t a member of the Taliban and no his name is not ‘Muhammad Jihad’.  His name is  Charles and he is a Volkswagen mechanic who hails from the USA. He runs his own website where he uploads videos about common problems associated with all things VW. In todays video he talks about the VW 2.0t FSI camshaft, why did we choose the 2.0 TFSI? well the engine is prone to using a lot of oil, every 3,000 miles or so. VW/Audi say its within normal tolerances but the engine itself has a lot of reported issues. The piston rings are said to be the cause of the excessive oil consumption, the issue is why haven’t the VW group rectified the problem after all they have been making and designing engines for the best part of 70 years. Anyway back to the camshaft its primarily designed to open and close the valves on your engine in time with the piston to allow air in and exhaust out. The shape of the cam affects your engine’s performance at different speeds. At 4,000 rpm, the valves open and close about 2,000 times per minute.  Muhammed-Jihad-Derka-Derka-Humble-Mechanic
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