Kahn Design To Find Solace In Venegance
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Looks like the guys over at Khan Design are branching out into making bespoke coach built cars. They have already demonstrated that with the Flying Huntsman and now they are working their creative juices on the Aston Martin DB9 which forms the basis for the Vengeance. OK so its presented as a concept sketch, but they say the Vengeance will be a wide body two door coupe. Remember the former Aston Martin designer, Henrik Fisker, who coachbuilt the Thunderbolt? Well that’s exactly what Kahn Design will do. It must be noted Kahn Design sought and got approval from Aston Martin. Kahn-Design-Vengence-Rear-View The DB9 chassis forms the basis of the Vengeance, so expect the running gear, V12, suspension etc to remain unchanged. The Vengeance will be an exercise in styling opulence. Khan Design have confirmed a limited production run will begin later on in 2015 by a team of skilled craftsmen and engineers. In a statement, the founder of Kahn Design, Afzal Kahn, Said “Aston Martin has always been an inspiration, in particular the early Vanquish and the V600 Vantage wide bodies, and I’m grateful for their agreement, and for wishing us success on this project. The Vengeance pays homage to those classic designs while using modern engineering to create something unique and original which reflects my own style.”  Kahn-Design-Vengence-Front-View
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