Mini John Copper Works Is “Destroyer of Roads”
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The new Mini John Copper Works is the fastest most powerful production Mini ever made. Its powered by a 0-litre engine so says the Mini press release. It seems Mini’s corporate players were so overwhelmed by admiration of their new four wheeled destroyer of roads they simply made a numerical mistake. We never made spegging pistakes here at DCB Towers. So this is what you need to know, the front wheels are powered by the tried and trusted 2.0-litre twinturbo, four cylinder engine which develops 231bhp and 320NM, 0-60mph takes 6.2 seconds using a six speed manual and the top speed is  good for 156mph. That’s insane even for a Mini. Mini-John-Copper-Works-rear And just to make certain a Mini John Copper Works doesn’t end up in a hedgerow Mini have fitted four piston Brembo front brakes with 330mm disks. If you don’t understand what that means then put simply its serious stopping power. And for all you traffic light drag racers out there this new brute of a Mini also gets a brute of a sound track thanks to a Sports exhaust. Less sporting is auto stop/start if only for the purposes of CO2 emissions which is 155g/km for the manual version and 133g/km for the optional 6-speed auto. Mini are keen to point out that the John Cooper Works retains that go-kart experience and comes with a bespoke tuned sports suspension and exclusive 17-inch alloys. However 18-inch John Cooper Works light alloy wheels with a Cup Spoke design are optional. Of all the electronic driver aids which includes the now standard traction control, torque steer compensation etc the John Copper Works comes with an Electronic Differential Lock Control. This say Mini will aid better cornering ability. We say bravo to that. Mini-John-Copper-Works-Profile In line with Mini’s policy of making a barell load of money from the options lists, Variable Damper Control, which controls the stiffness of the suspension, will be an option. Unusually the Mini will be kitted out with a load of standard equipment, which is unusually generous for Mini. However if you want Heads-up display, your’e going to have to pay for it, its an optional extra. You want that 12-speaker Harman Kardon audio system? Its an optional extra. And so on and so forth. Mini will also offer the John Copper Works with their optional Chilli pack, this is the most comprehensive all in one option (that word again), top of the list are floor mats. That’s Mini generosity for you. The Mini John Copper Works will cost £23kGBP for the manual version and £24kGBP for the six speed automatic.  Mini-John-Copper-Works-Front
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