Peugeot Reveal Vision GT Concept For GT6
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If the real world could be anything like its envisioned in the minds eye of Peugeot’s top designers then human kind really would be living in a concept utopia. We reckon Peugeot are at their best when it comes to creating stunning concepts and Peugeot have worked their creative machinations to yet another ethereal level with the Vision Concept GT. Peugeot-Vision-GT-Concpet-Top-View-Profile-PS4 But wait… its a virtual concept for the Grand Turismo 6 game on the PlayStation 3 only. We can’t understand why GT7 has not yet been released after all Project Cars will be released for the “cough… ahem… One” and the PS4 later this week. Yet the flagship driving video game of them all, Gran Turismo 7, is sure taking its sweet merry time. Polyphony Digital, the studio behind the Gran Turismo series, is eeking out the product life cycle of GT6 as much as it can with updates after updates before GT& is released in… we don’t know when. Peugeot-Vision-GT-Concpet-Top-View-PS4 Peugeot’s Vision GT concept has got serious virtual firepower. The mid-mounted V6 turbo 3.2-litre, 875bhp engine is linked to a six-speed manual transmission and an all-wheel-drive system, comprising of front 22-inch alloys and rear 23-inch wheels. It weighs a virtual 875kg and has super-responsive steering. More importantly acceleration from 0 to 62mph (0-100kph) is achieved in 1.73 virtual seconds, due to its one horsepower to every kilo power-to-weight ratio. The Vision Concept GT will become available for GT6 as part of the next scheduled update.  Peugeot-Vision-GT-Concpet-Front-PS4
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