Using A Pickup Truck To Remove A Tree IS A Good Idea
Video If you have ever had the misfortune of digging out a tree from the roots then we all know of and share your pain, somewhere in the word man is digging out a tree stump for some ill gotten purpose. In the US of A they do things a little differently, instead of using manual labor they resort to using a Dodge Pickup truck, it could be any pickup, but at least its better than digging, digging until your back aches, your strength fades until the realization dawns the tree stump is no nearer to being removed than it was an hour ago. Digging. Anyway we like this method its better than the manual labor methodology and it goes to show just how far advanced the leader of the civilised world has become. God bless you America.  Dodge-Chevy-Pickup-Removing-A-Tree
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