Angry Dad Smashes Sons Truck With Xbox
It used to be the case that YouTube was as much a force for good as it was and continues to be a force for both good and bad. Now channel partnerships or at least becoming a YouTube channel partner is more important than gaining that all important like or million’s upon millions of hits. Becoming a YouTube Channel partner means more views and this means the money keeps on a rollin’ in. YouTuber’s are now becoming an organised bunch, being a YoutTube channel partner is a goldmine of marketing data that can spin off into multiple revenue streams,  the whole setup is like the contract system of the Hollywood “silver screen” era, although the suits have been replaced by tech nerds in T-Shirts. This pyscho dad destroying his son’s car video, is a spoof, a set up so its creator McJuggerNuggets reaps the rewards of your clicks. Every 1 million YouTube hit equates to about £3200 GBP to its channel partner. McJuggerNuggets “Psycho Dad Wrecks Car” could earn a good few dollars for its creator some of his videos have had over 16m YouTube hits. That’s a nice little earner, we just want to know what will these guys be doing in 10 years time. And don’t forget to subscribe.  Angry-Dad
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