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Angry Biker Blames Everyone Else Except Himself

Being a part-time biker I know the perils of indisciplined driving be it 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled. YouTuber X-Ray Bikes is an example of the biker bro clan the types who feel hard-pressed and are always in a rush with nowhere to go. The problem is they (we) offer a narrow sight of view due to modern-day cars having such thick front and rear pillars.

Often, as a car driver, you don’t see a motorcyclist until the last moment. Also, the speed differential between a car and motorcyclist is vast, a motorcycle accelerates significantly faster. That’s why the biker should be more disciplined when threading through traffic.

YouTuber X-Ray Bikes records his day to day biking experiences for all to see just how bad UK car drivers are towards bikers. He also exposes himself as a very bad example of a self-righteousness biker.

WARNING: use of expressive language!

Angry Biker Bro - Dailycarblog
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