Honky Tonk WhistlinDiesel drives into a sinkhole
Honky Tonk YouTuber Durability Tests A New G-Wagon Into A Sinkhole

Honky Tonk YouTuber WhistlinDiesel really did a durability test on a brand new G-Wagon into a sinkhole. The sinkhole in question isn’t a sinkhole, it is more… muddy pond. Sensibly, WhistlinDiesel chained the G-Wagon to a tractor and was able to extract it almost immediately. But not before taking a few selfies and live-streaming the deed on Instagram.

Not content with one attempt, Honky Tonk WhistlinDiesel decided to go for a second try. The G-Wagon survived unscathed if a little muddy. This isn’t the first time the YouTuber has durability-tested his AMG V8-powered G-Wagon, and it will not be the last.

Honky Tonk WhistlinDiesel drives into a sinkhole
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