Nissan Ariya Autogefuhl review
The Nissan Ariya Unexpectedly Impresses Autogefuhl, In Full HD And Full Screen

Nissan has to work hard to impress any one of us here at DCBHQ, and over the years they ain’t impressed us much. So why has it taken Nissan’s first electric vehicle to impress DCBHQ and even Autogefuhl. Why has it taken Nissan up until this point to make a car that sends fear down the corporate spines of BMW and Mercedes?

It appears that the Nissan Ariya is a seriously good electric vehicle. It appears to be efficient with an estimated range of between 223-310 miles depending on trim. The interior is well-executed to levels that raise the quality bar above similar offerings from Mercedes and BMW. Is it too good to be true?

Even Autogefuhl who has a preference for German brands is impressed with Ariya’s performance and quality. In the UK the Ariya is priced from £43,000.

Suddenly the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, the benchmark electric cars, have some serious competition… in full screen and full HD, let’s go!

With all that being said… if I had the choice I would still opt for a Tesla.Nissan Ariya Autogefuhl review
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