The Kings of Tarmac Revealed
Video If you want to test your driving skills at the very highest level and you want to do it your beaten up 15 year old Opel estate then be prepared to face the truth when it goes wrong. And it will go wrong because it does. The reason is simple, the ‘man’ has an inner ability to believe that ‘he’ is the best driver of the all. The ‘man’ is often represented in many forms, as a Neesan Micra, the Van Man, BMW 3 Series, sports car owning man and supercar man. The ‘man’ believes that he alone is the lord of the road, the king of tarmac. You often see the ‘man’ racing from one set of red traffic lights to another set of red traffic lights. Always first off the mark, always first to stop. Going nowhere fast is the ‘man’s’ way of owning all before him. But the grim truth is that the ‘man’ is nowhere near as good as he believes as demonstrated in this video. Here is ‘man’ represented by many similar ‘mans’ who all believe they are the rightful heir.. to something.. we don’t know about. Anyway they, ‘man’, get a wake up call as the notorious Nürburgring Touristenfahrten short course humbles all of the ‘man’who dare to challenge its supremacy.  The short course is open to any ‘man’ who is willing to fork out 29 euros for one lap, 25 laps cost 550 euros. That’s right folks you can pay to get your car written-off and increase your insurance premium all for that one moment of power-sliding no one will ever see.  Car-Crash-Fail-Compilation-Nürburgring-Touristenfahrten
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