The Moment An Ariel Atom Owner Nearly Drives off Mountain Route
You own an Ariel Atom, you live in Malibu and you have the Piuma Mountain driving route as your ‘public’ test track. WHAT DO YOU DO? You go for a drive, chasing or perhaps racing a Aprilia RSV4 and you are going at some speed, corner follows corner, blind bend merges into blind bend. Then upon a sudden a car is stopped on the road ahead, you make that spit second decision to take avoiding action although to your right is the a sheer drop into the mountainous gully below and it seems like a long and unnecessary route to take. Luckily for the RSV4 and Atom owner both successfully take avoiding action, the Aprilia swerves into the on coming side of the road and the Atom driver traverses the edge of the mountain road narrowly avoiding going over the edge. All told they both made two bad decisions, one they both took avoiding action and two they were speeding on a route that is clearly going to present challenges.  Atom-Driver-Avoids-Going-Over-Moutnatin
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