Jeep Avenger EV is useless says Ginny Buckley
Hapless Jeep Avenger EV is Unconvincing Says Ginny Buckley Ergo Electrifying

In our attempt, no in our desire to inform you that the Jeep brand is a rehashed nothing burger, a potato puree of brand marketing formed, pressed and lightly salted into an electric vehicle lacking substance, offering minimal value, and exhibiting subpar quality often associated with Jeep’s current quartermasters Sterile Corporate Monolith Stellantis… the YouTube channel Electrifying has done a portion of the work for us.

The term “Mainstream Media,” originally used to characterize the uniform language and identity of traditional media outlets, has evolved significantly. Its most significant shortcoming has been and continues to be, its tendency to align its narrative with corporate press statements.

Astute journalists once wielded their critical thinking abilities to challenge falsehoods and distorted narratives. However, over time, the Mainstream Media (MSM) gradually marginalized these critical thinkers as corporate interests took precedence over the collective needs of the many.

The advent of the internet ushered in a wave of critical thinkers, heralding a resurgence of genuine journalism. The boom time was short-lived. The allure of monetization on the internet began to overshadow the critical thinkers, ultimately leading to the transformation of Mainstream Media into what can only be described as “captured media.”

The Electrifying review of the Jeep Avenger EV is a warning from history and serves as a glaring illustration of “captured media.”

Jeep Avenger EV is useless says Ginny Buckley
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