Was Benedict Cumberbatch The Cause of ‘Fracas Gate’?
Video He is best known for playing the ‘high functioning socio-path‘ Sherlock Holmes but was Benedict Cumberbatch the man who effectively ended Jeremy Clarkson’s stint as the Top Gear patriarch? This video evidence appears to suggest so, Cumberbatch made an appearance on series 20 of Top Gear, in 2013. The bad guy of the Star Trek Into The Darkness movie was asked by Jeremy how to throw a fake punch, movie style. We reckon the acting lesson given by Cumberbatch led to ‘fracas-gate’ but it may also show that Clarkson has been planning to punch his producer since 2013. We can all thank Mr Cumberbatch for setting in motion the cogs that turned the wheels that led to the demise of Top Gear as it was.  Benedict-Cumberbatch
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