Man Drives Tesla Model S P85 From Oslo To London For €5
His name is Robert Llewellyn and he is best known for playing Crichton from Red Dwarf, then went on to present Scrapheap Challenge and Carpool. Now he has his own YouTube Channel where he reviews the latest in electric powered cars. So Tesla gave him the keys to the Model S P85, a 410bhp performance version with the ability to travel 300 miles between charge and told him why not drive from Oslo to London. And that’s exactly what Crichton did. Luckily Tesla have gone to the trouble of installing superfast chargers throughout Europe so Crichton didn’t have any trouble covering the 1,400 mile journey in three days. We do take issue with this whole electric car hippy love in, just where does the electricity come from? Burning candles?  Crichton-Red-Dwarf-Tesla-Oslo
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