Jeremy Clarkson Appears In Final Top Gear Trailer
After stabbing Jeremy Clarkson in the back, who quite honestly deserved it, the BBC have revealed what the interweb is saying is Jeremy Clarkson’s final appearance on Top Gear as we knew it. The episode was shot before Clarkson was sacked by the BBC. Clarkson and co, meaning Hammond & May front what is another Top Gear Special. These specials see the trio journey off into a far flung corners of the world where unexpected disaster follows the three like a well scripted plot from Britain’s Got Talent. And its all paid for by the British tax payer. That said the programme does pay for itself, Top Gear generates £50m per year through worldwide commercial rights and is broadcast to around 300 million people worldwide. Top Gear has been off air since March after Jeremy Clarkson punched a producer in the face, the drunken brawl led to Clarkson effectively being sacked without being sacked. The BBC simply didn’t renew his contract. It seems Clarkson wasn’t expecting to be sacked despite deliberately repeatedly treading on ‘thin ice’ as if to goad the BBC into doing so. Since being released/sacked from hosting Top Gear, Clarkson has expressed remorse at his conduct and says he misses fronting the show. However life goes on and it seems Clarkson, Hammond and May will end the unseen episode on an unexpected high. Unexpected because all three never predicted that the 22nd series of Top Gear would be their last. However the BBC has yet to declare when it is going to be broadcast. It isn’t clear what is going to happen with Top Gear, Hammond and May have been offered lucrative contracts to remain on the show with a weekly guest host in place of Clarkson. But it seems likely the two will reject the offer. Could Clarkson make a future comeback? Meanwhile Clarkson is rumored to be inking a mega deal with online broadcaster Netflix to make a rival show. The biggest looser is the BBC because despite all that has happened the corporation still sees it fit to continue to broadcast Top Gear featuring Clarkson on Terrestrial digital TV. So that begs the question why did the BBC sack Clarkson in the first place?  Top-Gear-Series-22
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