Why VW Golfs Are Dangerous For Bikers
You finish work and head on back home only your mode of transport is a Triumph Daytona D675. As you make your way home through the city streets of San Francisco an inevitable set of traffic lights beckon you to stop. You do as instructed and when they go green you set off only to be rammed and knocked off your motorcycle by a VW Golf driver who has ignored the red light stop sign. Fortunately the motorcyclist from San Francisco survived but was amazingly somersaulted into the air and landed upright on his feet in a move he described as Ninja-like but we think is Olympic gymnast standard. The Triumph was less fortunate and didn’t survive taking much of the impact, but it just goes to show never trust a VW Golf driver.  Triumph-D675-GetsToatled-by-VW-Golf-Driver
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