Bernie Ecclestone Calls For An End To Democracy
Formula One
F1 supremo, Bernie Ecclestone, believes the sport should be run like a dictatorship and not a democracy, this call comes after months of debate and wrangling between the sports governing body and the Strategy Group which is comprised of all competing constructors involved in F1.  Ecclestone believes the Strategy Group has too much self interest and that important decisions about the future of the sport should be handed back to the FIA and Formula One Management. In a recent interview with Autosport Ecclestone was as forthright as ever.  “The problem is we are running something that is too democratic, and Jean won’t go along with things. We should stop mucking around and asking for opinions,” Ecclestone believes the teams need to be given a firm hand when it comes to participating in the sport, he said “Between us we should say ‘these are the rules of the championship, if you want to be in it, great, if you don’t, we understand’.” The Strategy Group is the main problem and Ecclestone says its should be disbanded, “It’s bloody difficult for the constructors to come up with anything. At last month’s Strategy Group meeting nothing was decided – not even the date of the next meeting.” Bernie does have support from Red Bull, Christian Horner recently said that all teams have their own competing agendas. Horner’s counterpart from Torro Rosso, Franz Tost, remarked, “It should be Bernie and Jean together who should decide what we have to do. They should not even ask the teams because the teams never will come up with an agreement.”  F1-Supremo-Ecclestone
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