Chris Evans Replaces Jeremy Clarkson As Top Gear Host, Who?
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Now if you are reading this in America, forgive us for the spelling errors and bad grammar, you may well be hearing the news that is breaking here in England-shire. Jeremy Clarkson’s replacement as the host for Top Gear has just been announced, his name is Chris Evans. Who the heck is that you might be wondering if you are reading this in.. say… Puerto Rico. Let me inform you. Chris Evans rose to prominence in the UK during the 1990’s he was the originator and host of a number of innovative TV shows that gave him fame, money and more fame. Evans was then poached by the BBC to front the corporations breakfast radio show on BBC Radio 1, the nations most listened to morning radio show. He pushed the boundaries and then some until the BBC decided he was pushing the boundaries way too far. Specifically he wanted more time to present TV programs every Friday. Its fair to say that Evans in his pomp was someone you would want to punch… In the face, Jeremy-fracas style. After leaving Radio 1 over stalled contract demands Evans became a media mogul eventually selling his stake in a UK radio station which netted him around £70 million. It seems time and a lot of money has mellowed the 49 year old and a few years ago he was rehired by the BBC to front Radio 2’s breakfast show. Evans even fronts a number of popular TV shows in the UK, from time to time, and has even appeared as a guest on Top Gear. You can see the irony here, the BBC have hired a man they ‘let go’ over 20 years ago to replace a man they sacked a couple of months ago. Maybe there is hope for Jeremy Clarkson. That said Evans is a car nut and is able to afford what ever car takes his fancy. Evans and Clarkson are good friends, that much we know, however the BBC said that Evans would be part of an “all new lineup” which confirms that Richard Hammond and James May will not be returning to Top Gear. Production of the new series of Top Gear is due to start in the next few weeks, Clarkson will make his final appearance on Top Gear on 28th June. The episode was filmed before he was suspended and ultimately sacked from the show after punching his producer in the face over a cold meat platter.  Chris-Evans-Jeremy-Clarkson-Dailycarblog
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