Classic Porsche 911T Spotted At Repossession Auction
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We don’t know what happened to the owner of this classic Porsche 911T from 1970 but it seems his financial circumstances had deteriorated enough for this beautiful example to end up in a repossession auction in Wakefield, North England. For a Porsche of this stature to enter a repossession auction is like being sold into automotive slavery. What we do know is that the owner did an outstanding job of restoring the 911T and even went to the trouble of painting the car to represent the colours of the 1966 Swedish World Rally Championship. Porsche-911T-1970-Rear We have a love hate relationship with Porsche, we like them, we dislike them and then we like them again and we really are beginning to like the classics. The condition of this car was described by the valuers as being “exceptional”. Porsche-911T-1970-Interior The car is a left hand drive version and has amassed a total of 73,000 miles and comes with a 12 month MOT certificate meaning its mechanically sound. The 911T is powered by a 4-cylinder 2.2 litre, 125bhp engine. A pristine example like this can expect to fetch up to £100k in the UK market. We starting to hate Porsche all over again.  Porsche-911T-1970
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